Wall printing outside

One of the most exciting things to do with our wall printers is printing on outside walls. The challenges are significant, but the results make such a difference. That is because it is something new that not a lot of people have on their outside walls. But it also integrates images perfectly into a wall.

Old wall

The challenge with this – our very own – project was that the walls are uneven and the paint on the wall is old and was cracking and peeling. We do plan to renovate the walls shortly, but we wanted to see how the prints look on these old walls.

And we have to say it looks stunning. A few days later, we received several calls from potential customers based on this newly printed sign on the wall, fortunately for us visible from the busy street.

Obviously, this simple logo with a message printed directly on the wall raises so much more attention than a normal sign would. In addition, of course, this new technology is fascinating and attracts peoples attention automatically.

Uneven grounds

One additional challenge for this project was the uneven grounds. No way we could just use the wheels of the printer to do the job. Fortunately, the printer comes with a system of rails, with which you can quickly level out the uneven ground and make the printing a safe level area that gave high-quality results. The rails are quick to set up – depending on the circumstances; it takes between 15 and 30 minutes to set them up.


Another problem was the wind. Fortunately, we had sunny weather during the printing, but the wind was considerable and uneven. And as the UV-ink is sprayed on the wall from quite a distance (we choose 16 mm because of the unevenness of the wall), the wind is enemy number one. The printhead of our machine can even handle this as we can adjust the pressure the printer uses to shoot the ink onto the wall. We would not do delicate surfaces under these conditions, but the result was more than satisfying for our project.

There is much more to consider for outside printing than with a regular job on an even inside plastered wall. But our operators are well trained, and we analyse every project from the beginning to detect possible challenges. For such a project, we would always visit you and run through it together with you, which means the result will be perfect in the first go. Customer satisfaction is, of course, our number one goal as we live on word of mouth.

Your project

Do you already have an idea for an outside or inside printing project? Please get in contact with us, and we will discuss it with you and give you a very competitive quote. Did we mention that we offer a 50% discount on any print job until the end of the year if you promise to share the result on social media? Act quickly as our diary fills constantly.

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