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Print Masterpieces of Artwork on Your wall

You can buy all kinds of wall art or artworks printed on paper, framed or under glass, and you hang it more or less sophisticated on your wall.

So far, so good.

But how about printing these masterpieces directly onto your wall? We now offer precisely this service. You can either buy your artwork digitally now from your favourite artist, and we print it on your wall, or you choose from our growing library of excellent pieces of art.

The art becomes part of your wall and makes the whole wall a piece of art of itself.

Abdul Malik

Artist Abdul Malik Majid, creator of the floating cube collection, has been passionate about art since the age of 10. From this early age, he fell in love with art and started developing his creativity by experimenting with colors and shapes. When the time came to choose his career path, he studied art at Edinburgh art school.

For 15 years, his art has been created through photo manipulation techniques, where it is clear that getting playful with elements of light and adding a spoon full of wonder and mystery to his work has become his personal touch. Throughout his art, he produces abstract light and movement using vibrant colors and a special perception that gives the viewer a sense of looking out the window into the horizon. This invites the spectator to get lost in the vibrancy and detail of each piece.