Using Wall Printing in an Office Environment

Mar 8, 2022 | Possibilities | 0 comments

On average, employees spend 1,800 hours per year at work. Because the office significantly impacts teams, including their productivity and well-being, it’s essential to design spaces that foster a positive environment. Also, customers might visit your offices and use meeting rooms or reception areas, and the look and feel of your offices will influence your customer’s mood.

In addition to comfortable chairs, adjustable desks, optimized layouts and the latest technology, interiors should be uplifting. An excellent way to achieve this is by using wall printing in an office environment.

Benefits of Wall Printing

Over the past few years, wall prints have gotten a foothold in the design sphere, offering excellent value for money and an easy way to transform spaces. Wall prints involve a high-tech wall painting machine that can quickly produce long-lasting murals on any surface, indoors or outdoors, including wall art.

Regardless of the room, you are looking to redesign to your taste, wall prints are exceptionally versatile. The wall print choices are endless, from large corporate logos to painted murals, a classic brick wall look, an impressive 3D image, slogan, kid’s cartoon or unique work of art designed by you.
Wall prints are by far the quickest and most cost-effective method of delivering your message visually and transforming a wall by adding a touch of colour or a soothing image. Unlike stickers or decals, wall prints don’t easily come off and, thus, appear more high-quality. Additionally, wall prints can be removed or replaced at any time, simply by having the image painted over or a new photograph printed instead.

Making the Most of an Office Space

There are several ways to leverage what you have and make the most of your space to create an inviting office environment through wall printing. For instance, meeting rooms can be enhanced with unique artwork, company slogans or motivational words directly printed on the walls. Not only will beautiful wall printing offer employees a source of pride in the company they work for, but it will also impress clients or professional partners that you invite to meet in person.

Another space that can significantly benefit from beautiful wall prints is the reception area. Since this is usually at the entrance, it is the first part employees, clients, and guests see when they come in. Investing some time and thought into designing the reception area is essential for making a positive first impression. Wall printing allows you to blow up your logo to any size and display it at the reception for everyone to see.

The seating area can also be amplified with contemporary designs, beautiful murals or catchy slogans conveniently printed on the walls. Whether concrete or glass, wall prints last on various surfaces and are a sure way to impress any audience.

Using Wall Prints for Branding

Branding is essential for any business. It gives meaning to your company, products and services and shapes its perception in the costumer’s minds. Aside from branding your website, products, stationery, and ads, your office space can be branded too. This creates visual interest and gives your company a professional image. And along with incorporating branding into your interior design by displaying your logo, you can also use your brand’s primary colours in a variety of designs on your walls.

But there’s more: you can publicly take pride in your company values by featuring your mission and vision statement on any wall in the office. In addition, product pictures or illustrations can be printed on entrance doors, reception area walls, or inside the open office. Last but by no means least, focus on your cafeteria. It’s a place frequented by most of your employees daily and can be greatly enhanced with beautiful artwork, pictures, illustrations, motivational words or employee achievements.

Some studies suggest that art can increase productivity and creativity. By using wall printing, you can easily transform any space inside your office and add designs, motivational messages or pictures that may help your teams be more productive, comfortable and happy.

Minimalist Designs

To many, less is more. For those who can think, work and perform better in a clutter-free environment but still want to add a touch of art or design elements in their office space, wall printing can also help. Because it is so versatile, wall printing can add minimalist designs with monochrome colour schemes and clean lines to your walls.

Whether you enjoy one-line artwork, simple black and white designs, or your logo or company slogan in a simple font, wall printing can add any design to your wall and help you make the most of your office space.


The office is an essential space for most of us. Not only do we spend a significant amount of our lives working in these environments, but these are also the places where we connect with other people, meet new friends, and have career breakthroughs. A well-designed office space ensures that we aren’t just more productive but also happier.

Aside from planning an open layout, selecting practical furniture and allowing ample daylight in, an office space can also benefit from a well-thought-out design. From branding by displaying your logo on the walls to selecting beautiful artwork, wall printing can help you elevate your office space. At Print on Your Wall we are here to help. We offer you expert insights and guide you every step of the way to ensure you get to transform your space quickly and efficiently so that you can feel comfortable and be productive in your new well-designed, warm and beautiful office space.