Six Ways to Transform Your Home with Wall Printing

Jan 11, 2022 | Possibilities | 0 comments

If you’re looking for something to completely transform your home, printed wall murals are the newest home-design craze. Wall printing allows you to completely transform your home with high-quality, large-scale, and entirely customisable designs for your home. It’s a fast and easy way to add a unique and personable touch to your home, and the possibilities of what you can do with it are limitless. Whether you need something bold to grab the eye, or just want to add colour and depth to an uninspired corner of your home, wall print designs are the creative solution you need.

Here are our top six ways you can use a wall printer to spice up your home:

1. Break away from traditional wallpaper

Looking to get rid of your wallpaper? We get it. When it comes to wallpaper, what’s in stock is your limit, and often it’s never what you truly want. It peels easily and can be damaging to your walls, making removal a complicated and frustrating process. It can get quite expensive when you try to match your wallpaper with the rest of the house to maintain cohesiveness. But then, if you go for a repeated, tiled design, that can just be a real bore to look at.

On the other hand, wall printing is a one-and-done unique design. You can choose whatever design or pattern you want, and it’ll stay just as vibrant and intact as the day you had it printed. When you’re ready to remove it, just paint over it! No more long hours spent scraping and tearing it off your walls when you’re ready for a change.


2. Express your personality

The best thing about print on your wall technology is that you’re no longer confined to premade, mass-market designs. Instead of spending hours scraping through designs to find one you can settle for, pick the design of your choice. Print out your latest obsession or nab a design with your favourite colour (and not just a close second). Add your kids’ favourite TV characters to their walls or have your favourite paintings blown up to cover your entire bedroom. The possibilities are endless.

Donald Duck and his nephews printed on a wall in the kids room

3. Design an image gallery

No longer do image galleries have to be made with frames and glass. With a wall printing machine, you can take your family vacation photos to the next level. You’ll have the ability to design the wall to the exact dimensions and layout decisions of your choice without being confined by the size and colour of photo frames. Have a singular photo cover the entire wall or throw all your photos together into a collage. Print a vision board in your office or a myriad of colours to liven the room.

4. Accent wall

Ever wanted an accent wall but you didn’t have the materials, the time, or the money to create it? Just print it! Seriously. The great thing about precision printing is that you can choose whatever pattern, whatever “material”, or whatever design you want. Go for a faux, distressed red brick accent wall for that warehouse district feel or a light wooden panel to brighten things up in your living room. Experiment with fun shapes, different textures, and shadows to add depth to your room.

Or, you can opt for an oversized landscape mural instead. Cosy up your space with a mural of white sand beaches, aerial views of Earth’s most beautiful mountains and forests, or even a skyline shot of your favourite city.

5. Add colour

Sometimes a white wall just isn’t what your home needs. You can add shelves, cover it in pictures, or hide it behind furniture, and sometimes it still isn’t interesting or attention-grabbing enough. Wall printing is perfect for adding a bit of colour to your home where you truly need it. Brighten up your space with colourful, mosaic murals or bold, stylish custom displays. Whether you prefer retro or post-modern, mess around with different shapes and patterns until you find something you like.

6. Step outside the home

Wall printer machines are just to liven up the inside of your home; you can take them outside too! If you’ve got a wall, we at Print on Your Wall can print on it. Yes, this includes your garage! We can print on the side of your house, your floor-to-ceiling windows, and your shed! Wall art printers can work on just about any material, including plaster, tile, glass, wood, brick, metal, and plastic and it’s completely weatherproof, so the only limit to our technology is your imagination.

Stop settling for drab and generic walls. Your home is the one area where you should be able to express yourself, and how you design your walls is no exception. Your walls are a feature in your house, not just an area for you to hide behind picture frames and furniture. Highlight your favourite artists’ work or even a piece of your own.

Wall murals can completely overhaul any space into something new and exciting that you’ll never get tired of. Everything from the design, the colours, the sizing, and the arrangement is all in your hands. Unlike wallpaper, you’ll never find yourself limited by what’s on the shelves and you’ll never have to settle for dull colours or uninspired patterns. Instead, you can have whatever you want, however you want it.