Printing on the wall at The Sausage Man

Oct 20, 2021 | Projects | 0 comments

Our newest printing on the wall project took place at Dartford’s food wholesaler and online retailer The Sausage Man. They are the UK’s leading importer of German Food, and you can find their products on all Christmas markets, Oktoberfest, music festivals, and many other events as well as in pubs and restaurants.

The Sausage Man’s head office just moved into new rooms in a charming old farm building, and they were looking for a great sign at the entrance to the office and various images for the wall. So, they found the right partner to do this, and we quickly found the right design for their entrance.

Printing on bricks

With our wall printers, you can print directly on bricks, and The Sausage Man decided to do just this, but into a white rectangle painted on the bricks using regular masonry white colour.

A logo is printed on a brick wall by a wall printer The logo from The Sausage Man is printed on a brick wall using wall printing technology

The result is a real eye-catcher, and The Sausage Man logo is perfectly integrated into the was.

Printing on plaster

In the office rooms, we printed various images on the plaster walls. One we loved especially, and that’s a photo by well-known food photographer Michael Michaels. It is a tasty looking burger, and it looks stunning.

A burger is printed on the wall by a wall printing machine A deliciously looking burger with cheese, tomato, lettuce and sauce on a colourful plate

The whole Sausage Man team loves the prints, and their Marketing Director, Dr Joshua Grocott, said: “We are astonished by this new technology and the quality of the printing on the wall. The wall prints make the walls themselves into a piece of art, and the fresh look of it fits perfectly with our new bring the festival home corporate design. We are thrilled with the results.”

Printing outside on bricks is a challenge. But we at Print On Your Wall have a lot of experience and know precisely how to do it. The UV colour we use makes sure that the print stays colourful for a long time, and we give a guarantee of five years for outside walls and ten years for inside walls.