Print on stone tiles or dark background

Sep 29, 2021 | Possibilities | 0 comments

With our fascinating wall printer, we can also print on dark backgrounds, like these stone tiles. The result is stunning, and the colours stand out beautifully. But what we also wanted to show you with this print is the significant advantage of our printer to print also white colour. Other wall printers can only print in the standard CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow & black) colours. To show how that would look, we stopped the white colour in the last quarter of the image.

Without the underlying white colour, the CMYK colours are lost nearly completely. That’s how important the white colour is when printing on dark or transparent backgrounds.

For printing on stone tiles, we prepare the underground with a special invisible primer. With this, the print will stay beautiful and long on the tiles. The image is relatively scratch-resistant, and can you can clean it with soft cleaning materials and soap.

It is fascinating to see how a colourful print can transform these tiles into a piece of art. The image becomes part of the wall, and the wall will be the centerpiece of your room.