How to Transform a Therapy Room With Wall Printing

Feb 22, 2022 | Possibilities | 0 comments

You may have heard it before: our personal environment impacts our mood and wellbeing. This doesn’t just apply to the people we surround ourselves with, but also the spaces we spend our time in. Layout, furniture and wall colours all have an effect on how we feel, which is why it’s important to pay attention to interiors, especially when designing spaces meant to make people comfortable, like therapy rooms.

Colour and Mood

According to an article in Very Well Mind, some colour effects have a universal meaning. For example, red and colours in the red spectrum are considered warm and signify an emotional range that spans comfort, anger, and hostility. Colours in the blue spectrum, including blue, purple, and green, are considered cold yet calming and can mirror or evoke emotions of sadness and indifference.

Studies have shown that colours also impact performance and behaviours. For example, exposing students to the colour red before an exam will negatively impact their test performance. In addition, specific colours can influence our consumer behaviour, making it interesting for marketers and brand specialists when designing shop interiors and product packaging.

For therapists, room interiors should be inviting, warm and make patients feel welcome. Choosing the right wall colour is the beginning, but an empty wall is only half the job done. Now it’s to find the proper piece of art to put on the wall – or even to integrate it in the wall and make the wall itself a work of art. Fortunately, there is an easy and affordable way to transform a therapy room through wall printing.

Using Wall Printing in your Therapy Room

Wall prints are ideal for quickly transforming any space according to your specific needs. What’s more, you can choose your own artwork to display on your walls. From photos, murals, calligraphy, painting, graffiti, or your own design, Print on Your Wall makes it possible for you! If you need assistance, Print on Your Wall’s very own professional designers can help you turn your unique design into a wall mural to display in your space. So, whether you’re a physical therapist, osteopath, general practitioner, hospital, or rehabilitation centre, Print on Your Wall wall printing services allow you to quickly and efficiently transform your therapy room and make your patients feel welcome and at ease.

Wall Prints vs. Stickers vs. Wallpapers

It’s easy to mistake wall printing for stickers or wall decals. While they both display artwork on walls, stickers can easily come off, leaving an impression of bad quality. And stickers are a different material than your wall and will not integrate into the wall. In comparison, wall prints take on the wall’s texture and become part of the wall. That is true wall art. In addition, wall prints are more hygienic and can be cleaned as well as the wall it is printed on. This makes cleaning the space and maintaining good hygiene standards easier.

Wallpapers are also widely available and offer the possibility to put large murals on the wall. But what we at Print On Your Wall often hear is that these colossal wallpaper motives that cover 100% of the wall are overpowering. People are tired of watching them quickly, and the wall seems not to be part of the room anymore. In addition, when it comes to a hygienic environment, wallpapers may be a problem.

Wall prints involve a high-tech printer that can quickly produce long-lasting murals on any surface, indoors or outdoors, including original art. It is the quickest and most cost-effective method of delivering your message visually and transforming a wall by adding a touch of colour or a soothing image. Additionally, wall prints can be removed or replaced at any time, simply by having the image painted over and a new photograph printed instead.

Which Artwork to Choose for Your Therapy Room

Which wall art designs to display on your therapy room walls largely depends on your own taste and the patients you treat. If you have a pediatric clinic, cute wall print designs of comic figures or bright-coloured paintings that appeal to children may be the right choice. However, if you are a mental health professional and provide talk therapy, then bright natural designs can promote a healing environment.

According to the article Healing by Design in the American Psychological Association, positive distractions like fish tanks or pastoral landscapes can draw in patients and offer them a breather from talking about heavy topics. An applied environmental and design psychologist interviewed for the article says that “you want views that draw you in and give the part of your brain that has to focus a mini-break.” You can achieve this with elaborate but soothing paintings in pastel colours displayed on your walls. Either way, make sure to choose positive, light, natural artwork to create an inviting, warm and safe space for your patients.


While we aren’t always aware of it, our physical environment has a significant impact on our emotions and general wellbeing. This makes it clear that designing interiors thoughtfully is essential, not just in our homes but also in our professional spaces.

When designing a therapy room, your patients may benefit from ample daylight, as well as bright, warm and inviting interiors and artwork. Finding and selecting suitable wall art isn’t always easy, but we at Print on Your Wall are here to help. We offer you expert insights and guide you every step of the way to ensure you get to transform your space quickly and efficiently and can soon welcome patients into your new well-designed, comfortable, warm and beautiful therapy room.