How to Choose the Right Image for Your Wall Print

May 13, 2022 | Knowledge | 0 comments

Wall prints are an excellent way to display personal photos, illustrations, inspiring words or company logos on walls. It is the quickest and most cost-effective method of transforming a wall and can enhance any space. The process involves a high-tech printer that can quickly produce long-lasting murals on any surface, indoors or outdoors, including original art. And if you feel like changing the design, your wall print can be removed or replaced by a new photograph. But how do you choose the right image for your wall art project? Continue reading to find out.

1. Figure out the Basics

First things first. Before deciding which image to print on your wall, figure out how big the print will be, how many images you will need, which room it is for, who will see it, and what you aim to achieve. If it’s for your home, a personal picture, memory, or inspiring quote that you find impactful would be suitable. A kid’s room will be significantly enhanced with a cartoon, bright children’s painting, or name printed in large letters. Consider furniture that leans against the wall and sunlight that may affect how the wall print appears.
If you are looking to print on an office wall, take management, employees, and clients into account. Who is the print for? If it’s for employees, you can opt to use a motivational quote or an inspiring image. To enhance an office lobby, blow up the brand logo and print it in your very own company colours on the wall. It’s an effective way to impress clients, partners, and visitors as soon as they enter your office.

2. Understanding Copyright Law

Regardless of where you place your wall print and what purpose you put it there, it’s your responsibility to make sure you have the legal right to use the images you choose to display.
You own the copyright of pictures you have taken or artwork you’ve created for yourself. But remember that there are still personal rights if you photograph people. It would be best to always ask for their (written) permission to use them in the photos. Especially if there are kids in the photo, you must get approval from the parents.

However, it’s different for pictures that you purchase from an image or stock photo library. Here you are safe to use the photos. But make sure that you use the correct license and don’t use pictures which are restricted for editorial use – again, except if you use them in your private environment. Keep proof of purchase to demonstrate that you have the right to use the image if you ever run into any issues. Services like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock offer cheap pictures, and there is a lot there. These libraries have powerful search tools so that you should be able to find the right images.

Definitely stay clear of images from the web, as, in most cases, you won’t have the right to use them. It’s not problematic if you use these in your private rooms for private use. But as soon as you use them publicly or for business purposes, you will get problems. If you have written permission from the artist or creator that states you may use the image for your purposes, you may go ahead and use it for your wall print. Otherwise, don’t take your chances, as a simple image copy and paste can result in a formal cease and desist letter from the artist’s lawyer.

A more straightforward, headache-free way to source images is one with a creative commons license, which means you can use it without attribution. Many pictures from Wikipedia can be used under the commons license, but please check the right for every image properly. Several free photo stock libraries like, and offer copyright-free images that you may download for personal or professional use. Aside from landscape images, city photos, and pictures of people, they also provide beautiful illustrations that may look nice on your walls or that of your children.

3. Printing a Personal Photo

A personal photo is a beautiful memory to have on your wall. When selecting a picture to print, make sure it has the correct resolution, as choosing a low resolution will result in a pixelated, low-quality look. The best resolution for wall prints is 150-300 dots per inch. If you’re unsure whether your pictures are suitable, you can always check with our friendly customer service team, and they’ll be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

4. Using a Motif Cut-Out

One of the great things about wall prints is that you don’t have to stick to square photos but can opt to cut out a motif from any picture or illustration and put it up on the wall. For example, in kids’ rooms, you can take several children’s book characters and individually cut them out, placing them each on different wall parts to create one whimsical storybook landscape.

The same goes for office spaces, where you can have the shape of your logo or other motives printed frame-less on any wall you like, including glass doors and concrete walls.

5. Printing an Inspirational Quote

Pictures, artwork and logos aren’t the only options to choose from. You can also have your favourite quote, inspiring message or company mission and vision printed on your wall. If you need help designing a word, quote or notice in a beautiful way and don’t have anyone to assist you, feel free to get in touch with us, and our design team will be happy to assist you.


Wall prints make an impact, no matter where you place them. They can enhance a dull room and bring colour, inspiration and joy to any space. Because they are durable, high-quality imprints, it’s essential you choose images that you are sure of, whether you have them printed in your home or a professional space like your office or store.

Still, if you don’t like an image anymore after a few years, it’s easy to overpaint with regular wall colour and print another image over it.

Finding and selecting suitable artwork isn’t always easy, but we at Print on Your Wall are here to help. We offer you expert insights and guide you every step to ensure you get to transform your space quickly and efficiently and can soon enjoy your new wall-print enhanced space all the time.