Here’s Why You Should Buy a Wall-Printing Machine and Start a Printing Business Today

Jan 11, 2022 | Wall printing machine | 0 comments

Digital printing technology isn’t new; if you have a printer in your office, that’s digital printing, but people are finding new technologies and applications for it all across the world. The latest of these innovations is a wall printing machine – precision printing machinery that uses inkjet technology to get murals, blown-up images, and custom designs up onto walls.

In the wall print UK market, the competition is practically non-existent and just waiting for someone to fill it. If you’re thinking about taking the leap to purchase our wall printer machine but are still on the fence, here are just a few reasons you should stop hesitating and take a chance today.

The market is huge right now

The market for a wall-printing service is huge (Wall Decor Market in Europe to grow by $ 9.56 bn in 2020). The possibilities of what you can do with the machine are endless, and clients won’t be hard to come by. Homes, artists, schools, hospitals, and small to large businesses need wall print designs. Hanging large pictures in businesses to cover empty walls is illogical and costly, so companies are always actively looking for something to bring new life and character to their buildings. As the business owner, you can choose to work in a specific niche, like only printing murals for schools, or you can play the market and hop around from niche to niche. Additionally, you can choose whether to take a strictly business or more creative approach; designing the murals you print is an optional but great way to build a presence in the larger design world.

The designs are all high quality

Wall-printing isn’t as familiar to people as wallpaper or just simply painting, but the advantages to the wall art printer technology are innumerable. Not only can wall printers print on basically every surface and material (plaster, wallpaper, wood, brick, latex paints, stone, clinker, plastic, metal, glass, and most tiles), because of its UV ink, it’s completely weather and sun-proof, meaning the design won’t crack, fade, or dull within the year. Consumers love a long-lasting product, and this knowledge is one way you can leverage and market your business over traditional design options.

Any project a client has won’t challenge the wall printer. It can work from multiple formats such as PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPG, and even scan paper documents, such as old maps, paintings, photos, and artwork. Additionally, because of the high resolution the printer prints in, you can work with both massive, incredibly detailed designs to small-scale designs with small text that can be impossible to paint or challenging to read afterwards.

Having the ability to print so many products and on various materials will mean you’ll have a hard time finding a project you can’t do. Consumers will love your reliability and capability and come back the next time they need printing done.

Marketing is a breeze

Like any business, your product will be as good as your marketing for it. Fortunately, with wall-printing, marketing is easier than you think. Whether you create the designs or not, wall-printing is an art form, and with pictures and videos, it’s easy to leverage social media to your advantage. Sharing photographs, time-lapse videos, and before-and-afters of your work are an easy way to get people online in what you do.

Also, the process of printing is just incredible. If you’re doing an outdoor piece in a public area, people will likely gather and be interested. Wall-printing is eye-catching and fun to watch, and you never know which onlooker could be your next potential customer, so prepare a pitch or business cards for whenever you get lurkers while you work.

If social media and business cards aren’t your things, you can never go wrong with traditional advertising. The great thing about it is that you can wall print your own ads. Not only are you promoting your business, but it’s also a portfolio built right in! Before you print ads on public buildings and architecture, make sure you double-check restrictions and contact the leaseholder or your local council first.

It’s easy to learn

Don’t be daunted by how big the machine is. Learning how to use a wall printer is relatively easy as it works similarly to the printer you may have at home and comes fully integrated with a Windows 10 computer. If you’re more of a hands-on learner than a manual reader, Print on Your Wall offers a one-to-two day, UK-based training in our Kent studio. Our training course includes how to operate and print with your new machine, how to pinpoint and identify any minor or major issues, and how to fix them. You’ll get all the knowledge and expertise from our trained engineers, and we’ll answer any question you can throw our way. You’ll leave satisfied and equipped with the exact expertise you’ll need to use a wall printer successfully.

Moreover, your wall printer comes equipped with a recovery mode, so you don’t have to worry about poor time management or weather concerns causing you to stop your work. If you’re interrupted, you can start up right where you left off without any visible disturbance in the art.

Embarking on a new business with new technology is difficult, but we at Print on Your Wall are here to help. Each purchase comes with our engineer’s extensive help to help make sure you hit the ground running with your new business, including remote support and video meetings at your behest. We can also operate your machine remotely if necessary and fix any problems quickly, without needing your printer in person. Our goal is to help you get started as quickly and efficiently as possible to be successful in the wall printing business.