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At the moment, there is only a little competition in the UK market for wall printing, which is a novel and exciting technology. People are astonished by the concept of wall printing and quickly develop ideas for what to put on their walls at home or work.

Wall printing – or wall painting as some refer to it is a new trend, and we see a lot of interest and have a lot of projects ongoing. It’s all about integrating the image into the wall rather than hanging an image in a frame.

Yes, there is already custom-made wallpaper on the market, but many people find them overwhelming. The wall printing uses parts of the wall, and the printed image becomes part of it.

Wall stickers have a significant disadvantage: the corners quickly come off the wall, and it looks not proper anymore.

One significant advantage of wall printing is that you can easily clean the image and print in hygiene-critical areas.

We are the only UK-based business that sells vertical UV wall printing machines. And if you do your research correctly, you will find out that our device is the best one on the market as it has some significant advantages – let’s name a few here.

  • We use UV colour for printing. The image dries instantly and is durable
  • Our printer can, besides CMYK, also print white colour, which opens up a lot of possibilities on dark or transparent background.
  • The recovery mode implemented in our device enables you to continue printing after a break – for example, if rain starts or you have a multi-day project. You can even remove the machine, bring it back the next day, and continue printing the image without visible interruption.

Is wall printing tricky?

It can be. That’s why we include extensive training – one to two days – in the machine’s price. With the proper training, you prevent problems and learn how to print on various materials and discover potential issues.

The machines are robust, but a print head scratched over a nail during wall printing can get expensive. We teach you all the tricks, and you can experience from our extensive knowledge.

Even after the training, we are there for you. We included a period of online support with the wall printer, and we can fix most problems quickly by remote support – we even can remotely access the devices (if you want us to do).

And if something gets broken, we store all the parts – and the inks – here in the UK so that it can be sure that you can provide reliable service for your customers.


What you need to know

How does the printer work?

Our wall printers work with an Epson DX7 printhead and prints to a resolution of up to 2880 dpi.

It is an inkjet printer and operates similar to a regular printer you may have at home or work.

The difference is that this wall printer uses UV ink, which dries instantly with the UV light integrated into the machine.

In addition to the customarily used four colours (CMYK), our machine is the only one on the market that can also print white. This option opens up so many more options, especially when you print on darker walls or on glass.

UV ink is biodegradable, and you can use it in schools and hospitals. Alternative UV inks are also available all over the world.

What does the machine costs?

The cost of the machine we suggest is £ 17.900 excluding VAT and transport.

Included is a fully functional and sophisticated printing system.

  • The wall printer itself with integrated Windows 10 computer
  • Rails for operating on uneven surfaces
  • Ink and ink tank with an alarm system
  • Extensions for printing higher
  • Pump motor
  • FlexiPrint Production Manager installed
  • One to two days training in our Kent studio
  • Extensive help at the beginning of your printing career
  • 12 months warranty
  • 6 months unlimited support

What are the costs of printing?

The costs of printing are relatively low. The main costs are from setting up the machine and the time for printing.

What service do you provide?

We offer UK-based support and training and we stock all parts and the ink for the wall printers.

Our trained engineers have a lot of experience in operating and servicing the machines.

Remote support with screen-sharing and video meetings are standard.

How does the setup work?

The setup is straightforward. Depending on the ground, you can install the wall printer between 10 and 30 minutes.

You can operate the printer on wheels on a flat and even surface. You can use the rails to level the machine quickly on uneven grounds and rough terrain.

After that, the print head is cleaned and adjusted, and you can start with your customer’s exciting project.

And within minutes, beautiful colours and images will appear on the wall. You will be surprised by the reaction of bystanders – everyone will want to learn more about this new wall printing technology.

How large can you print with the machine?

The size of the image is unlimited.

Horizontal, the printer can print endless. vertically, the printer has the technology to stitch images together. So, with proper scaffolding, you can print unlimited vertically too.

There are some mechanical restrictions on how far the printer can print in corners or the floor and ceiling. We will advise you in detail during the training.

What images can be printed?

We support most printing formats. Like PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPG, and many more.

High resolution is needed as the wall paintings are much larger than typical images. Vector formats are preferred wherever possible.

You can also print very detailed logos or small text; therefore, the wall printer is a great signage solution for businesses, schools, and hospitals.

You can even use paper artwork! By scanning at the highest resolution with a basic flatbed scanner, we’ve already obtained outstanding results. Old originals, maps, drawings, postcards, sketches, photographs, and paintings scan effectively and produce stunning outcomes.

On what materials can be printed?

We use a durable, plastic-like UV ink that hardens immediately under the integrated UV curing lights, and it prints on almost any surface. As a result, plaster, wallpaper, wood, brick, latex paints, stone, clinker, plastic, metal, glass, and most tiles are a perfect underground without issue.

You can also print on stones, clinkers, or rough plaster with ease to a contour depth of approximately 10 mm.

Is it possible to remove a wall print?

Certainly! On glass, you can remove the image with a ceramic hob scraper or razor blade. Otherwise, you can always paint over in two or three applications of paint. Only wood must be sanded or – as with metal or concrete – sandblasted or glass bead blasted.

See the printer in action

Available Wall Printer Models

Very cool:

The first floor printer in the world

Now available from us.

The Floor Printer is a unique full-colour digital printing system designed to digitally print any graphics onto floor surfaces. TFP employs UV technology to print on multiple material floors, including Wood floor, cement, ceramic tile, asphalt road, brick, lime, Epoxy resin etc. With the help of a tracing system, the TFP can print on curved and uneven brick surfaces.

More information to follow soon.