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In this video we explain how easy it is to print on any wall – inside or outside. It’s really a fascinating technology!


Welcome to Print On Your Wall

Our wall printing solutions help you to print your chosen image onto a wall with our award-winning vertical wall printers.

We can print any kind or size of images on nearly every material, including plaster, tiles, glass, wood, bricks, metal and plastic.

These wall printers use proven inkjet technologies, and the ink is instantly dried using UV light, which makes the ink also weather- and sunlight proof. The quality of the prints is astonishing and gives a Wow-factor to everyone who sees it in action for the first time.

The printing on walls makes the artwork an integral part of the wall instead of just hanging it in a frame onto the wall. The wall will be the centrepiece of the room.

Mural wallpapers often are incredibly overpowering. Printing the photo on the wall is much more subtle and natural and still gives a wall a huge highlight.

The finished product can be a valuable asset for your business, home, or other personal and professional space.

Wall printing has become an increasingly popular way to decorate walls at home and business environments.

About Us

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We are your premier, one-stop custom vertical print solution that proudly serves your area.

If you’re searching for a high-quality wall printer with helpful, professional experts, look no further. We’ll work with you every step of the way to exceed your expectations!

Do you wish your walls had a fresh new look? Do you dislike peel-and-stick wall art or traditional wallpaper murals for their lack of character?

You want your designs to be both easy on the budget and eye-catching, vibrant, and high-definition digital quality as your preferences change.

Perhaps it’s time to change perspectives. Wall prints allow you to make considerable design changes without breaking the bank.


Why using our Wall Printing service?

Wall printers are rapidly beginning to capture the printing world and its customers as a relatively new idea.

Because our wall printer can quickly produce long-lasting murals on any surface, indoors or outdoors, including original art, they have a wide range of applications. It is the quickest and most cost-effective method of delivering your message visually. The bright and long-lasting UV ink enriches the expression on walls or buildings with beauty and durability.

Wall prints can be removed or replaced whenever ready, simply by having the image painted over or a new photograph printed instead.

Transform plain walls into stunning, eye-catching magnets

Do you want a mural for your business? Is there anything more classic than a brick wall with a stunning 3D image? Want to express yourself through design? Do you need a logo on the side of your building? Does your kid desire a dinosaur-image in her bedroom? Are you a muralist searching for the quickest way to get your art out there?

Our wall printers can make it real!


Any image. Any wall. Indoors or Outdoors.

If you want a wall print, we’re the most efficient way to get one done.

Just supply us with a digital copy of the artwork. Don’t have one yet? No problem. We can do the design for you. Just let us know.

Our wall printer can print on the following material:

  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Plaster
  • Brick/Stone
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • and many more

Why Choose US?

Customer reviews

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“The quality of these wall prints is amazing. And the service of the company outstanding. From the first call to the last pixel on the wall.”

James Monroe

interior design

The wall printing totally changed our meeting room. And every customer is looking on it and finds it amazing. Thanks a lot guys!

Martin Richardson

Our customers

You can use our wall printers to integrate stunning murals into a wall to brighten various public areas. Bringing the outside in, adding colour, or assisting with finding your way are all aesthetic and practical ways to incorporate murals into an environment.

  • Local and regional interior designers and builders
  • Retail businesses
  • Art galleries
  • Residential houses
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Hotels and Guestrooms
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Schools, colleges, universities
  • Hospitals & GP practises

How does wall printing work?

An ultrasonic sensor in the vertical wall Printer recognises the wall texture and transforms the system to instantly print any 3D effect graphic or picture. It is fast and efficient, with a reduced amount of time needed to complete the print job. The printing speed varies depending on the resolution; the slower the production time, the higher the resolution.

Our wall printers make your walls come to life with the following benefits:

Remarkable results – you’ll get top-notch high-definition quality. You can print any pattern on almost any vertical surface, be it indoor or outdoor.

The average wall printing speed is 1/2 to 2 square meters per hour, but it depends entirely on the resolution and quality of the image. Our 3D wall printing is trendy and more modern than conventional image prints.

Our wall printers are the only vertical printer with UV ink to create white images, text, and numbers. Prints and murals can be unlimited in width & height, and we produce an image resolution of up to 2880 dpi.

Simple to use and requires minimal setup

There are no restrictions to the use of the printer on any surface, including glass, brick, wood, or any other vertical surface. The design is waterproof, durable and eco-friendly.

We can transform your living room, store, gym, hotel lobby, coffee shop, or even your house’s walls into works of art thanks to the colorful, long-lasting, and high-definition inks.

Competitive and affordable pricing

Prices are determined by square meter and print quality – We charge reasonable prices, ranging from £150 to £250 per square meter.

Kids room
Hospital waiting area
Pizza on bricks
Vintage car

How do we work?

The wall printing process involves four steps:

1. Local visit
We will come to your location to examine the state of your wall(s) and ensure that we’ll achieve a successful wall print with as few requirements as possible

2. Image selection
Selecting the right image may be the trickiest part of the process. In this step, you decide which artwork you wish to display on your wall. These can be photos, murals, calligraphy, painting, graffiti, or any kind of extraordinary memories. We can provide you with a selection of images, or you may pick your own from online stores, such as Shutterstock. If needed, we are happy to assist you in making a selection.
If you want to create your own design with the aid of our professional designers, we are here to help you every step of the way.

3. Preparing the wall
It all depends on the dimensions of your wall. The wall must fulfil Specific essential criteria before we can print on it. Your wall must be vertical and relatively flat, with no significant protruding features (texture and brick layers are acceptable). Depending on the image you chose, your background wall paint color should be clear, with white or very light yellow or cream colors preferred. But printing on dark walls can also bring stunning results.
There is also a minimum ceiling height requirement of 1.95m since our printer won’t fit in lower locations.

4. Printing
The most inspiring aspect of the procedure is the wall printing itself. When everything is in place, the machine begins to print. It’s more thrilling every minute as you wait for your ideal mural to become a reality on your wall.

Are you ready to bring about a significant improvement in your environment? It will surely have a long-term impact on everyone. Contact us now and make an appointment; we’ll upgrade your workspace, home, hotel, school, or any other wall.


What is wall printing?

The revolutionary art of wall printing, also known as “wall painting,” is the direct application of design to a surface using a specialized printer. There are no glues or sticky components involved, so the wall’s original texture and appearance are preserved.

Where can I print my artwork?

Images can be printed on both inside and outside walls. There are limitations to printing on the inside due to ceiling height; the minimum height should be 1.95m.

We can print in unlimited dimensions.

What are the image or photo requirements?

The quality of your image is greatly influenced by the quality of the pictures we will utilize. We usually suggest a picture with a resolution of 300 dpi or greater.

Can you print my own image?

The quality of the picture is extremely important in producing good art. We generally recommend a resolution of 300 dpi. The height of the image is also restricted. Other than that, there is no reason why we couldn’t print your own image.

What colours can be printed?

The CMYK colour model is used by our printer. Many photos taken with conventional digital cameras and seen on the internet or elsewhere use the RGB color model. As a result, we’ll need to convert any images using the RGB colour model before we can print them. By doing so, we can’t guarantee that colours will be totally identical, but we do our best to keep them as comparable as possible.

And we can also print white colour. We use the only available wall printer that actually can print white colour. This brings so much more possibilities on dark or coloured backgrounds.

What type of walls can be printed on?

Almost any wall that can take the ink may be printed on. Our usual cement, brick, dry-walls, and so forth are just a few examples of different kinds of walls. It won’t, however, end there. Wood, tiles, and even glass are also possible printing surfaces.

Murals can be applied to walls that are:

  • Vertical
  • Flat
  • No protruding features more than 10mm on the surface to be printed
  • Free of larger holes
Is a designer required for the image selection?

We’ll help you choose the right art for your home. We’d be delighted to collaborate with your designer if you have one to create that ideal design your space demands. Or we provide an experienced designer for you.

What are the costs of printing?

Prices depends on location, size & quality of the image.

We usually charge between £150 and £250 per square meter, but for complicated installations a setup fee might be charged.

For larger projects or multiple images we do special project prices.

How long is the printing job?

Depending on the size of your artwork, it may take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. The duration of production varies depending on the size of your painting. In one hour, our machine can print one square meter.

Setup times can be anything between 15 minutes and several hours depending on the difficulty – for example if scaffolding is requireds.


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Print On Your Wall Ltd, located in Kent County, England, is a design and wall printing company that aims to provide clients countrywide with a contemporary design alternative to traditional mural art.

Our friendly, helpful professionals all have significant previous experience in the printing and design industry, as well as customer care, and are happy to assist you with any enquiry you may have!

Our mobile printer utilizes high-quality, low-odour UV ink to produce wall prints that will last a minimum of 10 years indoors or five years outside, depending on customer care. You have the option of uploading your own high-resolution digital graphics design or artwork or selecting from a variety of pre-designed themes.

Do you want to change your image after a few years? Repaint with your chosen wall colour and contact us again for another beautiful wall print.
Contact us now and have a chat about how you can create the 3D wall print of your dreams!


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